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Utilising our Influencer network of celebrities, local names and micro influencers we support our traditional app based influencer, email database of engaged subscribers and own organic reach.






App Users (50,000 active / 5,000 opens per week)


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Our Influencer Network

Just a snap shot of a 30+ influencer network from across Dubai and beyond.


Let's see our Demographics

A balanced demographics base routed in western expats highly engaged with our F&B and Leisure activity content.

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Paid social media advertising strategy


By having a deeper understanding of your target audience & existing customer base we can leverage existing data to define key audiences within the Facebook Ads Manager, drive greater brand awareness and higher quality traffic to your business website, resulting in a better conversion rate.


We complete rigorous testing of audiences looking at interests, behaviours, demographics, creatives and content across all forms of social media. This data enables us to understand what drives optimum performance so we can scale and maximise revenue.


We target customers with the right message, at the right time as they move through the funnel process. Retargeting clients in this way enables us to generate a better ROAS (return on ad spend).

Funnel Process

Funnel Process
Mr Brunch
Mrs Brunch

About Us

An Agency born out of passion for Dubai, F&B and Exploring. We started out as Mr & Mrs Brunch, a social media influencer and blogger on Dubai’s thriving Brunch scene. Several awards and brunches later we have grown into one of Dubai’s top Marketing Agencies and we’ll known social and discount apps.

Let’s DXB started as Let’s Brunch and expanded with our user base, now approaching 100,000 downloads. Covering Let’s Eat (Restaurants), Let’s Drink (Bars), Let’s Brunch (you guessed it) and Let’s Explore (events, family entertainment, pets and leisure activities) Let’s DXB fuels our data driven marketing.

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“Let’s DXB are our go to partners when we launch a new event, they have the direct target audience we are looking for and play a major part in us hitting our revenue targets, we use them for every event applicable to their business model and will do for years to come, thanks Let’s DXB for helping us be the brand we are today”

Kieran Lindsay, Founder of Be More Than Events
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“Lets DXB have been a massive support in both our marketing campaigns and in directly driving footfall with our discounts and deals in the app”

Kent Daniels - Global Head of Markeing, McGettigans group
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“Let’s DXB have supported our marketing and directly driven footfall for over 5 years now”

Nick Patmore, Hotel Manager, JW Marriott Marquis

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